About Jatin Sanghavi...

Jatin Sanghavi is a man with a vision and mission, with more than eleven years of experience in the stock market. He has an innovative method of trading and investment strategies in the Cash and F & O market. He uses a unique system of Derivative Analysis and Strategies for finding solutions for different problems.

He has also taken various constructive steps for the Development and Knowledge enrichment of new entrants in the stock market by conducting various seminars and educational programs across India.

With over a 1000 students learning the Art & Craft of the stock market, Jatin Sanghavi's family is just growing. There are training programs especially for Doctors, Chartered Accountants & other professionals in the field of stock market investing & trading. Even house-wives are among his students. The teaching method devised by Jatin Sanghavi is simple & easy to understand.

He teaches you how to catch a bull by its horns and not panic. He says "After all the stock market is a psychological warfare and under stress most people make the wrong decisions".

Jatin Sanghavi believes that knowledge is infinite and teaching is self rewarding activity. The more you teach, the more you learn and the line between teacher & student merges as knowledge advances. At this point, the student teacher relationship evolves and a life-long relationship is born.

Practice makes a man perfect and knowledge improves his skills. Mr. Jatin Sanghavi practices what he preaches. He has two firms one which practices and one which teaches. His firms were born out of his love for the subject :
  1. Infinity Financial Services, IFS
  2. Infinity Institute of Capital Market, IICM
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